FB: The so-called “Higgs boson doomsday” involves the universe being disrupted by a giant wave from the “god particle.” The so-called “HR bossin’ doomsday” involves the world being disrupted by a giant middle finger from the “particle god.”

This is probably our most dramatically justified splash page. I love what John did with the clouds, the form of HR, the sort of “robes” on him and the way those three things kind of run together.

In Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, the main villain posits that destroying the multiverse is the only meaningful choice one can make, because any smaller-scale choice creates another world in the multiverse where you didn’t make that choice. This strikes me as narcissism taken to an ultimate extreme, the inability to cope with how much of the world is beyond your control, the desire to burn it all down rather than let others run on beyond you. HR is too focused on the Five to be quite that nihilistic yet, but he’s definitely getting there.