Here’s another example of Erica’s rebreaking of the flow of action. The captions here are unaltered from the script, but here are the panel descriptions.

1. The nuns are getting to their feet and looking at the shattered window. Their response time is a bit slow… they thought they were impregnable here… but the weaponized rulers are beginning to come out.

2. Gravedust and Byron explode into the scene through the side entrance while everyone’s still looking at the window. Byron knocks out one nun by swinging the flat of Brayen into the back of her neck. Gravedust has his arrow drawn and takes aim.

3. Byron leaps up to escape the rulers already swinging at him (if you can squeeze it in, he’s parrying at least one). He’s aiming to land on one of the aforementioned junctions between the pews and the columns.

4. As the nuns have focused their attention on Byron and Gravedust, no one particularly notices as Syr’Nj and Bandit emerge from the floor, not far from Frigg.