Either this page or the next was an addition by Phil… I’m gonna say this page? This pushed our page count from 24 to 25 for the first time. This may not seem like a big deal, and I didn’t make it one at the time. But it was the beginning of a long-running conflict. I strongly wanted to keep each chapter at the same length or at least very nearly so, and while Phil agreed with this at first, he would gradually move into the “as long as it needs to be” camp.

You can see for yourselves which of us won that debate in the long run, but I will maintain to my dying day that Guilded Age would NEVER have gotten finished if we hadn’t kept the “standard length” going as long as we did, so that its echo informed our expectations and we could at least tell ourselves how much remaining story we were committing to.

Gravedust can perceive the spirits around him who could know peace if they inflicted vengeance on the Sisterhood’s leader right in his Bloodshot Eyeball. But he has not had time to enchant any arrows lately. If he had, firing his arrow here might’ve had a different result.