Here’s my outline for this four-page sequence, as originally drafted:

Big infiltration sequence where Bandit steals the show, until they find someone who can tell them where Frigg’s being held. They are informed that the Ritual of Blood Bond is to be performed imminently in the chapel. How exactly they come by this information is an important question: Syr’Nj’s truth serum may come into play again, perhaps used in a manner that doesn’t alert people that they’re being “interrogated,” so as not to raise the alarm. Perhaps Bandit could slip the serum into the drinks of two people near the monastery. Or… that might be the original plan, but the group discovers that the general populace is actually sick as hell of being “protected” by the sisters and will give them up with almost no provocation.

As you can see, Phil went with absolutely none of this except for “big infiltration sequence where Bandit steals the show,” and that was for the best, as all the named options would’ve taken too long. I was a bit sorry to lose the populace betraying the sisters, though, as that would’ve been a nice callback to their introductory sequence.