WAV’s telling us as much about himself as about his world, but the worldbuilding bits are more immediately intriguing. The Circuit is apparently the source of sustenance for all Cyberians, which has some fascinating implications for a society that basically must all drink from the same well. Yet WAV understands the concept of enemy factions, so one can assume his world has known Cyberian-on-Cyberian war.

He also understand honor, and even more than that, he understands that wanting to have honor is not always the same as having it. But he does not understand spirits or any kind of spirit (presumably, that bit with the farmer’s ghost confused the hell out of him).

WAV is not utterly selfless: he will occasionally mention that his ultimate goal is to return to his home. But we’re just now learning that his LevBike was his only way back, and that he’s not totally sure he can even survive out of Cyberia. The way that he’s no more than mildly perturbed about these facts says a lot about his stoicism. Especially since he just barely expressed frustration when Frigg and Rachel destroyed the bike.

Hmmm… I feel like I’ve seen that panel 3 pose before, in another panel 3.