Yep, here we go.

It’s a lot easier to enjoy Frigg’s antics once we realize this shock is going to keep those antics from going anywhere regrettable. I can even feel good for her in panel 3, laughing like a lover at play instead of screaming at the void where Rachel was.

It’s tough sometimes to know when to mislead readers and when to give them a sort of cognitive reward for paying attention. I guess we could’ve given WAV a nine-eyed face that didn’t resemble Best’s in any way, trying to pull off a double-bluff until the eventual reveal of his identity when he encounters Byron. We didn’t even have to remove his helmet (though that’d mean this scene would obvi play out differently). But that would’ve struck Flo as not playing fair, and if we didn’t play fair with our mysteries, y’all would get less invested in trying to figure them out. You were…probably…right, guys! It was Best! Probably!