TFW you’re a centrist and realize that one of the political factions you’re trying to balance between has just gone completely insane and now loathes the free society you treasure. I mean, I don’t know if there were elections that Iver did away with, but “having your political enemies murdered” ranks pretty high on the list of democratic norms violated.

Gravedust is lightly editing the part where Iver did kill him, by nearly every definition that counts, and the spirits of mystics, including Uncle Cliff, revived him. This is partly for expediency’s sake and partly because necromancy is not well-liked in any Arkerran culture. The mystics themselves generally forbade it… before they died. There’s a pretty good chance Magda would understand the special circumstances of Gravedust’s return, but this conversation is going to be hard enough as it is. One paradigm shift at a time!

This comment from Loyal (in Gravedust’s voice) got a lol from me: “Now that I think of it, should I really be drinking this?”