Despite his obvious issues with Iver, a recruitment pitch is not Gravedust’s style. For one thing, it wasn’t so long ago that he was like, “FUCK Gastonia, these guys don’t help ANYONE but themselves, I can’t even get them to go after CULTISTS for shit’s sake.” He’s maybe softened that stance a little in the short term (Byron’s Guild is why Gravedust was able to recruit others to defeat the Corruptor Beast, and the Guild is part of Gastonia). But he’s definitely not so into his Gastonian allegiance that he’d recommend it for someone else.

Beyond that, he’s a philosophical sort, and has an older man’s patience with the idea that younger people must carve their own destiny. Who knows? Perhaps one day, he’ll be joining her side instead!

Lovely last panel there, reminding us that there are lots of other dwarves at this settlement, all of whom probably have some opinion or other about Gravedust and Magda buddying up like this.