Time to go through some of our bonus content we haven’t yet covered, methinks. We (meaning John) did a few “Savage Axemas” pieces before Flo and I decided the World’s Rebellion had different customs like Traal, but (1) these were clearly meant to be just one-off little improv ideas and (2) there’s not really that much of a continuity issue: it certainly doesn’t matter if this dinner is in celebration of Axemas, Traal, or some other holiday.

I’m not even gonna get up in arms about Hammerhead and family having a sort of Brady-Bunch-like setup and how consistent that is with the hive-minded, not terribly civilized land sharks we normally portray. It’s just a fun piece. Ya gotta relax sometimes.

That shark on the lower right who’s looking into the camera does make me a little nervous, though.