When we did the first Black Friday/Cyber Monday special, we weren’t expecting there to be another, but the chapters kept getting longer and longer until suddenly it was November again, so we were like, eh, what the hell.

This was an interesting contest between a character who’d been one of our most popular throughout and our character who was most improved in popularity, with a nice nod to Billy Mays in the mix. The old standby vs. the new hotness, so to speak. We might’ve asked John to draw a version of this comic with a victorious Best if the voting had been close, but as Frigg says, the outcome was never really in doubt.

With this, I think we’ve addressed all the “extra” comics material in the series except the Adventurer’s Illustrated covers (slated for after Chapter 47) and the “Epic Rap Battles of Arkerra” (slated for after Chapter 49). Let me know if I missed anything.