HAWM, Guildies. I hope our American readers had as baller a Independence Day as possible. I’m not dead, by the way, in case the temporary break in spamming trade worried you, just taking advantage of the only quiet time I’ll find before ConnectiCon this weekend and the conclusion of the FRIGGSTARTER.

Speaking of which… the FRIGGSTARTER has made it to $12k, which is nothing short of a feat. This has earned everyone that has a pair of eyeballs the chance to see nearly nine whole minutes of animated Guilded Age, as well as earned y’all a signed thank-you card from all of us, AS WELL AS a pack of desktop wallpapers unique to this KS offering! I am remiss to say that more than a few of the pledgers that got us this far have reduced, or canceled their pledge. Hey, we understand, we’re sure you’ve got your reasons!

But we say this to inform the rest of you that if you were hoping somebody else would pick up the slack to fund the full 22 minutes of animation, well, it might not happen! Your small pledge can help build into a mighty phalanx of animation and phat fuckin’ loot that every backer will get a piece of! We are also, of course, fully aware that this alone will probably not be enough to sate your appetites for loot, and the phatness thereof. Then feast your eyes on This Shit Right Here:


Finally, “Frigg” and “Charm” can be used in the same sentence without causing confusion.

These limited edition Frigg Charms, by none other than GA’s resident web & graphic designer, Samantha Kyle of Queen Tangerine and Ladytimes! These charms are 1.5″ long and will be printed on wood, with the GA logo emblazoned on the back. You can receive a Frigg Charm of your very own by just adding $5 to your pledge! That’s right, add just $5 to your pledge and we’ll include one of these charms with your shipment! Backers at $125 or above will automatically receive one of these charms for absolutely free!

If charms don’t float your boat, then don’t worry: We’ve got two more piece of exclusive KS merch for you to enjoy tomorrow and the next day. Stay tuned!