Flo surprised me with this page at my wedding, having commissioned it from John completely behind my back: it ran the Monday after. She and Janice had been friends even longer than I’d known Janice myself, and sometimes Janice is closer than I am with Flo, these days.

It’s a special thing to get a gift from someone who knows you, and whose gift clearly demonstrates that knowledge. “Terrel the Unspellable” and “Kahn the Bonk-Monger” were avatars of ourselves that we’d worked up for the Kickstarter, John’s fantastic character designs working off Flo’s concepts and basically my approving nods. Flo knew me, knew the history that had led me to name myself “T” instead of “Terrell” or “William,” and knew how to do a loving, gentle sendup when she had the desire to.

Because this was a surprise gift, I had no involvement at all in the conception of “Janice of the Infinite Jest.” But I think it’s worthy of her, and as a man very much in love after almost six years of marriage, that’s the best compliment I can give. That shield and chest emblem are both wryly amusing to look at, and the sword, the smile, the whole action setup…it’s all *chef’s kiss*

Thanks to John and Flo both. In our home, we have a whiteboard of well-wishes that people wrote on during our wedding reception, and a few other special records of that day. But this installment, and the love behind it, will always have a special place in our hearts.