T: I think we did a pretty good job of justifying this exposition, all things considered… the guy’s just rambling, trying to keep his mind off the way his internal organs are crying “ABANDON SHIP.”

Sky elves and shit elves have roles to play in upcoming chapters– in fact, a shit elf will be appearing very shortly. Oh, you already recognize him? Winter elves probably have a role to play too, but we’re still discussing just how as of this writing.

Phil: One of the things that I want to applaud Erica on in particular is the notion she had that different elves have differently shaped ears. This is only logical, if their different sub-species adapted to different environs/ways of life.

I am also just a huge fan of the Winter Elves. When Erica asked what they looked like, I’m pretty sure I told her to just flip through an L.L. Bean catalog.


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