I’m grateful to anyone who cared enough about our strip to contribute guest content for it, but I definitely enjoy some guest strips more than others, and sometimes that’s more due to my individual weird hangups about the series than anything I could expect you guys to relate to.

For me, this one hits a sort of “characterization uncanny valley.” There are two wolves in me, one saying “Well, maybe Frigg does have a phobia of animated skeletons, have we really established otherwise, Tamara doesn’t really count… and maybe Rachel might be that wicked with her about it, in the name of toughening her up… and maybe Bandit” and the other saying “No no no, OOC, OOC, shut it down!” If the characters were deliberately, purposely OOC in this guest strip, I’d appreciate it for that, but it’s the way the characters almost fit my beliefs about them that’s not quite doing it for me, despite the pretty, pretty art.

Your mileage may very much vary. Phil loved all this unreservedly. I do at least respect the mischievous twist of the last two panels, which Frigg may well have earned after that time she told Rachel what she was going to do with E-Mer– [sounds of wolves nerd-fighting]

Grey and Cory produced webcomics, mainly Critical Miss and Erin Dies Alone, on and off through much of the 2010s, but I’m not sure they’re still doing anything together, nor I can find anything put out since 2018 by Grey, who sometimes went by Johnathan Grey Carter. Their old publisher, The Escapist, seems to have given up on new comics content [edit: see also comments] . But Cory’s still on Twitter, and you can find his portfolio here.