Meador returns for a second guest piece, which appears to be a variation on the opening of Chapter 6. Or maybe it’s a scene that takes place some time after, in which case we find out if the group can possibly bear the strain of maintaining inaction in the face of injustice twice. If so, guess not.

(What is it with all the artist Jasons I meet or work with, anyway? There’s Meador, Waltrip, Bradley Thompson…)

The cruel irony is that if Gravedust had taken that shot and saved at least some of the orcs, things probably would have played out fairly similarly to how they did in our world, especially if our heroes survived the trolls’ retaliation. It’s not like Harky would have been any MORE eager to wipe out humanity as a result. You can’t have more than 100%. But they did their best with the information they had.

Lovely colors on this work, and while using a different lettering style for each character is often a huge hassle, it’s nice to see how it works here.