If you’ve got fantasy comedy in mind, then LOTR, WoW, and D&D are always going to be your primary go-tos. Stephanie has a fun riff, rooted in Bandit’s character, that I hadn’t seen before (unlike that “whyyy didn’t they just ride the eeeeagles” business that everybody beat into the ground ten years ago).

We’re swapping the characters’ weapons of choice around a bit here (Gravedust: “Isn’t that MY bow?”), but I expect it’s because Best’s air of superiority is closest to Legolas’ and Frigg is the one you’d want to deliver the “And my axe” line with the proper gusto.

Curiously, Bandit’s character arc actually would end with her casting away a ring.

Also, this is one of only two pages, guest-produced or otherwise, that features all six heroes from Chapter One in an adventure together. We thought that might happen in our finale, but nope!

Though Stephanie Harlow’s moved her web presence since we did this story, she has a new gallery, and her art has evolved quite a bit.