So at the time, we were up to our eyeballs in Guilded Age Kickstarter preparations. Phil was increasingly upset with me for how long I was taking to get back on emails. I was still managing both Fans and Penny and Aggie in addition to the GA work and having a tough time motivating myself on the business end (you can only lose money for so many years before you stop wanting to deal with it altogether).

It was a good time for us to take a bit of a break on the comics-production side of things. Too bad we didn’t!

Partly due to my worries about losing readers right before the Kickstarter got under way, we kept our “guest week” to a single week when we really could’ve used two, and Phil and I each produced a “guest strip” of our own, turning our break into almost no break at all. This concept, adapted from the much better execution in Fans, is something I banged out at the last minute while Phil and I were at a convention. Some of the “Syr’Nj notes” are better than others, but I wish I’d spent a few more days revising this and maybe figuring out why Syr’Nj would be using this kind of format in the first place. Sure, she’s an inventor, but even so.