Happy Black Friday, everyone! It’s a terrible, terrible day in America. For those of you overseas who are not familiar with the concept, it’s the first day after Thanksgiving, before Christmas, where every retail store that exists has massive sales to drive the end-of-year profits in time for the holiday. People have come to rely on these savings to afford everything they want to gift out for the holiday, and stores have come to rely on the people buying them to stay afloat for the whole year. It’s gotten so bad that Black Friday, in many places, now begins Thursday at 8PM. Pretty soon Thanksgiving will be forgotten entirely, and Christmas sales will begin immediately after Labor Day.

That said, why not peruse the Guilded Age store for some gifts to give your friends and family this Axemas season?

Seasonal gripes aside, we’ve got more Guild-itizations for you, which are also a product of commerce. Again, these were submitted by backers who pledged at $125 or more with the Volume 2 FRIGGSTARTER, and we’ve got some backstory to go with them:


“The Blighted Clan Gothika were a lost clan of elves know for their paleness, moodiness, and all in all unmotivated. They were content to spend their days in the forests of Noirwood. A foundling, Ivy, was discovered on the outskirts of the village 6 months after Rob’r-smit known as The Dreamer (Village Idiot) went of to see the ‘pretty lights’. The elders whispered she was of an elf/sylvan mix and her small stature was a bit of a give away including her odd mood swings,her ‘second sight’ , and the note covered in pixie dust that said ‘She is destined for great things. We don’t want her – that’s a lot of pressure’. She was given into the care of the village shaman who would send her off on useless errands as some days she was far too chipper to have around. The Clan was wiped out one day by a raiding party of 3 kobolds as Ivy was dancing down by the river because she had a dream that the water was ‘sad’. She was gone about 20 minutes – her people – they were not fighters. Last of her clan she has set out to see what destiny wishes as she was told her secret past by the dying Shaman.

As a goth half-elf and sylvan mix Ivy is severely bi-polar and must roll at the start of each day to see what race personality is in the driver’s seat. High Ivy (The Sylvan half: Chaotic Good) is a perky little sociopath constantly overly chipper and somewhat naive (believing rivers can be sad and enchanted daggers can tell you jokes no one else hears ‘Mr. Stabbins! You are so funny!) but that doesn’t stop her from being an acrobatic killing machine screaming ‘Shiny!’ at the first sign of treasure and trying to kill everything in the room. She swaps her wisdom (low) for charisma (high) and uses the power of Sexterity (a dex based tumble seduction) to confuse libido’d opponents (Based on the philosophy that if you were Catwoman and you popped up in front of some mug in an outfit like that doing a head stand – your opponent would have a good solid 10 seconds of “”DUUUUUHHHHHH’ while you clobbered him over the head).

Low Ivy (The Half Elf Goth side: Chaotic *sigh* Whatever) flips wisdom (high) for charisma (low). She is a Misery Chick – prone to eye rolls, complaining about walking through muddy trails (while High Ivy must make Fort saves against screaming ‘SQUISHY’), and thinking her fellow party members are idiots. She sports the violet glasses so people know she is smarter than her ‘bag of boobs’ counterpart. She prefers the bow so she can stay at a proper anti-social distance from people and fights the curse of Snarkasm – the counter to Sexterity – where she can’t resist one-liners and sarcasm that enrages foes. She spends a lot of downtime in her room at the Inn and researching monsters and lore at the Scrollbrary.”


“Beckitt has always wanted to sail the skies. Since that wasn’t an option for the growing Gnomeling, he enlisted as a guard on a trading galley. That job led to more marine-based adventuring, and led Beckitt into his current life of high-seas hi-jinks. He’s never forgotten his sky sailing dream, though, and would definitely fanboy over anything to do with that subject. He’s generally a carefree guy, but feels a fierce loyalty for his crew mates. Others would consider him pretty goofy, eccentric, and comically dressed, but an effective illusionist. He’s a boundless optimist with a dream and a mischievous streak.”


Karmakat, our third Guild-itization on the docket here, pledged high enough for his backstory to play out in the comic itself, and we’d really rather let it go through there! Don’t want to spoil the surprise for you, as it’s going to be covered in Chapter 28! In the meantime, tune in Monday for the 2013 Axemas Special: T’was The Night After Axemas, starring a bigtime fan-favorite Guildie. WHO COULD IT BE??

We’ll also probably show a few more Guild-itizations after that in a desperate bid for time before the dreaded holiday season hits. There’s only 13 of them anyway, so we should probably show them all off for good measure, no?

I gotta say, it was pretty thrilling seeing all these backers’ interpretations of the GA Canon and concepts to add into our little universe, here. I mean, Hell, how often to you get to buy a slice of canon?

Have a good holiday. Don’t trample anyone on your way to a Furby.