This was an interesting variation, channeling (but not too directly channeling) Hannukah as an alternative holiday. Flo and I would invent our own World’s Rebellion holiday for our next end-of-year story, but a vibrant culture or collection of cultures probably has a bunch of holidays, actually!

These last few days have been an interesting look at stuff John comes up with when he’s mostly unsupervised. I’m making a note: I should ask his ideas a bit more often on our current project.

biggmac comment:

Troll nuts roasting on an open fire …
Scip, FriN’j’s nosing at your nip ….
H.R., Carol’s been stung by you (liar!),
Sky elves dressed up like pompous twits …

(Every avian knows) one turkey with a missile though
Helped to make the sky shine bright
Little Prill, dreams of eye monster so,
She’ll find it hard to sleep, tonight.

She knows that Penk, he’s on his way
There’s more wood elves and humans left to slay,
And every Axemas, Frigg begins to sigh,
“Can I get laid just once more before I die?”

So I’m singing you this satire folks,
John/Flo/T/Jason and the crew
Jean-Luc, Psolo, and the rest, puns and jokes
Merry Axemas … Merry Christmas … Merry Axemas … to you!