I’ll give the Thieves’ Guild some credit for patience here! They know things go wrong sometimes and have given Isidro a chance to make good, making their terms clear without resorting to anything redundant like a beating. I mean, he’s less likely to fulfill his debt if he has unnecessarily frayed nerves or broken fingers. They’re still not to be trifled with, but that’s more reasonable than some criminal organizations are going to be.

Razgril’s remaining notes, for good measure:

He likes: His mother, resting and doing nothing, busty bar wenches, coins and wealth, elves, gambling, women, half-orcs, good food and drink, women, jewels, honesty and loyalty, jokes, music and poetry, women, honey, jaywalking, long walks into the woods under the moonlight, women, and the use of his wits. Oh, and women. Did I mention women?

He dislikes: Spiders, insincere people, traitors, snitches and the like. He also dislikes haughty nobles, and losing bets. He dislikes bad hygiene too. And he claims he is allergic to pain.

Other misc notes: Isidro worships the elf Pildril Gwenna, a good friend of his father whose stories of daring do and roguish feats he grew up enamored of. Even though Isidro comes from a massively wealthy family, he sees coin and wealth as a tool, rather than an end, and would not hesitate to sacrifice any material gain to aid a friend or family. Isidro is fluent in Elven, Undercommon and Chondathan, he would speak English with a Spanish accent.

Phil was intrigued by Isidro’s weaknesses for spiders and women, and thought about having him flee a ton of spiders alongside the Peacemakers or just indulging his romantic side. He rejected the former due to problems with the chronology of the story and the latter because being a “lover of women, plural” seemed a little too close to Payet Best territory.

TOMORROW!: A quick palate-cleansing sketch. SOON AFTER THAT!: Recovery from the Battle of B’ial Vezk, and the introduction of a surprising new protagonist!