Laaaaast Axemas

I gave you my heart

But the very next day

George Michael jokes got super tasteless

[George Michael died on December 26, right as this page was published. I’m…sorry, but also kind of NOT?]

So Gravedust did finally get to sleep, after it looke d like he might not! Phew, I don’t know if I can take all these pulse-pounding end-of-chapter cliffhangers.

Byron looks a little upset in the penultimate panel for reasons he’ll later articulate, but that strikes me as just right. The holidays are often a fraught time of year, as our desire for a perfect celebration butts up against, well, life. It’s especially interesting to see Byron worry about such things, since he’s still in his post-resurrection make-every-day-count mode.

I had very little to do with this arc. I think Flo and I talked it out as a basic concept, but I had no really substantial edits to offer. The story’s rooted in aspects of Byron and Best that were very personal for Flo, and so the dialogue is very personal as a result.