FB: “As is customary, I’d like to start with a prayer. Dear adventurers who came before, thanks for coming out all this way, going insane and eventually dying, leaving all this stuff for us to loot. It’s selfless gestures like yours that are the reason for the season. Merry Axemas!”

It’s hard to imagine any winter elves getting “into war” when they would already know the outcome of any battle they fought, including and especially the ones that ended in their own deaths.

It’s nice to see that Byron regrets not being able to share Axemas with these “new friends,” despite the challenges of shopping for them and the awkwardness of breaking bread with people who’ve tried to kill you. Someone else might shrug and say “Well, maybe that’s for the best,” but that ain’t Byron. And that generosity to his former enemies is gonna be important in a couple more pages.