Hail and well met, Guildies. We apologize for the story interruption in both a shameless bid to buy ourselves extra buffer for the upcoming con season and as an excuse to have some likewise shameless fanservice. I hope we were correct in guessing that you wouldn’t mind. Today marks the two-year anniversary of Guilded Age (technically it was yesterday, but webcomics are more about days of the week than calendar days). Nearly twelve chapters, two artists, and countless sharks jumped later, we’re still here delivering the best damn sci-fantasy comics we can muster.


To celebrate, we’re making last year’s activity a yearly tradition: Q & A! Ask us any question you want right down there in the illustrious comments section, and we’ll answer all the ones that won’t ruin future plot points or incriminate us (T’s parole officer has just been looking for an excuse, really). If your question is for of us three specifically, just address us directly.

And if you don’t have any particular questions, try your hand at your own Adventurers Illustrated article headlines! I know we had a heap of fun doing this last year, and there’s a free sticker & postcard pack in the mail for whomever submits the best one(s).

I feel like we never thank you guys enough for reading the comic. Guilded Age is such a big fucking deal to us, and to know that you guys stick around to read no matter how hard we try to break your brains demonstrates volumes of love that hits us where we live.

But… if you’re looking for a way to go above and beyond to support Guilded Age, why not subscribe to Guilded Age Plus? Now featuring two exclusive bonus stories, five full chapters of annotations and art breakdowns and more concept art than you can shake a mace at with six-times-a-week updates, all for only $3 a month or $33.88 a year! Whatta steal! Also, consider the fact that the more people that sign up for GAPlus, the more bonus comics we can afford to produce. How’s that for incentive?

Thank you all again so much for being our fans, and keep your eyes peeled for next Monday… we have a real big surprise for you guys. One that is also, unfortunately, not a regular update, but when you see that shit you probably won’t care. Trust us, it’s gonna be dope.