Original alt text still reads, “Click the link below for a chance at getting your question answered!”, but ah, well, you’re clearly almost seven years too late for that one. Ask an Adventurer ran throughout 2014 and was sprinkled among regular comic updates, but this is probably the best place to put it in terms of the series’ chronology– all the characters it features have shown up in the main story in some fashion, and none have yet, erm, left the stage.

(Except the one who has left the stage and gets referenced as such. We’ll get there.)

I dunno if I really need to explain this one. Yes, Bandit is makin’ fun of Byron here, and that bothers Syr’Nj more than it bothers Byron. Either he’s clueless about what she’s doing or he’s like, “Look, if she wanted to say something mean about the way my brain works, it’s not like she doesn’t have more hurtful material to work with.” In a way, this is minor foreshadowing of how their dynamic will ultimately resolve.