I didn’t even try to give notes about this one. Flo (represented in her former identity in the last panel here) will always be more qualified than I to talk about Pokémon. I’m a little ahead of Frigg in my knowledge of the creatures, but not much.

Still, in the name of quality annotation, I’ve done some quick research… and most of these, you could probably have figured out a connection yourself with limited knowledge. Munccino is hard to beat for cuteness, it’s like Pikachu refined even further. The next three have connections to “hacks” and blades, leaves, and dust, respectively. Aegislash matches a shield, Scipio’s primary weapon. Delphox has a magic wand. Medicham has some similarity to Rachel’s powers, particularly the way they come from deep meditation.

I know Flo was counting it a life goal to get Pokémon into Guilded Age somehow, so thanks for doing all that visual research, Jason!

(Oh, you can just change the name of the tag and that change applies to all pages, well, that’s convenient)