“I thought you didn’t like my spending so much time down here,” says HR. Carol, if you think he’s been down here a lot in the scenes we’ve done so far, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I mean yeah, that’s one way for him to browse his NSFW Frigg-Best scenes without employees interrupting, but still.

This must’ve happened overnight from HR’s perspective, because there’s no way he and Carol would only be finding out six hours after the fact otherwise.

Here’s an earlier draft of the ending panels that I thought might amuse you:

3. H.R. looks contemplatively at the tanks some more, seemingly his favorite activity.

Carol: I’m sorry.
H.R.: Don’t be. This is an opportunity to learn more about this world they inhabit… and the terms on which they inhabit it.

4. H.R. turns away from his (apparent) admiring understudy, who smiles gently as he goes. Despite his words, he seems in full emotional control of himself. But this is not happy news.

Carol: That’s a very zen way to look at it.
H.R.: Keeps me from crying.