Frigg needed some complications in her life at this point. Sure, she had lost a fight to the berserker, but that was only good for so much mileage. And sure, there was some ghost-voice haunting her dreams, but since it also seemed to be giving her super-powers, one could argue that that was a net positive for her. After killing Scarlett and shattering her old convent, she was largely free of the sort of anxieties that beset our other heroes: she had no fear of her own nature or being rejected like Bandit and Byron, no higher concerns about her people and all peoples like Syr’Nj and Gravedust.

So here we were, rolling out not one but two characters customized to give her a hard time in very different ways. Scipio shares some origins with Frigg in that both were inspired by discourse on 4chan, something Phil was a whole lot more into than me. Frigg was a female version of the “b-tard” that tended to frequent the board’s /b/ subdivision: loud, expressive, “uncensored” to a fault, and willing to fight everyone and everything.

Scipio was based on a different kind of poster, the one who’d lurk a lot, ignore any obvious attempts to bait him, and drop in a perfectly composed attack at just the right moment. If I were a 4channer, I would probably try to be a Scipio but talk too much to actually manage it.