Okay, maybe by the last panel here, Gravedust and Frigg are starting to figure out Syr’Nj’s actual emotional state. This was a great set of facial expressions all around.

This may have been a landmark in Frigg and Syr’Nj’s relationship, even if it seems right now like that relationship is under threat. Frigg will always respect people more if they show her a little fire.

The link between the Berserker and Leafport was not something we really followed up on that much, and I don’t remember at this point what our intent even was. Is the significance that magicians using cultist magicks are in Harky’s employ, as Cultism is a disease that has infected both sides of the war? Or were the cultists the actual authors of the slaughter at Leafport, distorting the message Gravedust later uncovered to push the two sides further into war and furthering the cause of death? Either theory sort of works, both are a little stretchy.

Science involves repeated tests and evaluations to account for variances in data. SORRY, GUYS, YOU AIN’T DONE YET.