Let’s just call the repeated use of o_O-face a transitional device.

Speaking of devices, I had to lobby hard for the use of “pointer panels” on this page. They’re only really there because John broke the tie between me and Phil. Looking back, I can see Phil feeling that certain devices can pull the reader out of the story a bit, but I think this page gains more than it loses from their use. With our camera pulled back as far as it can possibly go, the reader can use a little help placing everyone in the scene, and it reinforces the scope of the action here.

Auraugu was born of Phil’s love of wrestling and his personality looks pretty firmly fleshed out in Phil’s original notes: “Bare knuckle Boxing/Wrestling champ of the Gnolls. Kind of like a hometown hero in spirit. Generally jovial and boisterous, a really friendly guy all said. Lives for the thrill of a challenge. He fights for pleasure, and has found his role in the war as a conscripted adventurer same as most everyone else. He’s happy to serve, though: Anything to propagate the indefatigable legend that is he, Auraugu, hero of the little people! Very much a true luchadore in spirit, but his primary inspiration is WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio (even though Alberto wears no mask himself). All said, he has a pretty big ego, but not the kind that harms others like Best’s.”