Caneghem-ahems: “Dude. Dude. Dude. DUDE. DUDE. SHUT. UP.”

To be honest, this is my least favorite of the Heads-of-Houses scenes, because there’s a little too much of the Heads acting as a single unit. Even if it’s pretty obvious what they’ll end up doing, we usually imbue them with some lively variety, and that’s chiefly due to Phil’s early notes on their personalities. But everyone in panel 3, except MAYBE Caneghem, is projecting the same emotion: “I guess we have to put up with this guy flapping his gums for a while until he tires himself out and we write him a check, but man, I wish he’d hurry it up.” Like, Iwatani hasn’t taken over the government YET, so why’s everyone acting like he has? Surely one or two of the other Heads should be giving him more static over his ridiculously criminal son, whether out of honest concern for legal precedent or to press their own political advantage.

Some great bits from coldelectrons about what Caneghem might be writing while this is going on:

There is a nation called Gastoni
whose leaders are full of baloney
Elves, Gnomes and Men
all supposedly friends
I laugh behind my face-stoney

There was once a Great Observatorium
whose tenants were lacking decorum
but when pencil-neck human lout
drove a hammer-tank through and about
they were evicted by popular gnome-forum

The gnome sitting to my left
is not politically deft
when I’m clearing my throat
he pays it no note
and continues to get us both eff’d

Conjuration / shopping list:
white wine
Dapper Dan’s hair gel
something called “duck tape”? – ask gnome hardware vendor
a bag of Dr. Tran’s Dire-Peppermint Dickables
magic blotting paper
300 board-feet Akerran pine