Let’s ignore Fr’Nj’s geyser of hormones in the last panel, hard as that is to do, and focus on the complexity of her relationship with her sister. She is so happy to see Syr’Nj again, and yet… dammit, Syr’Nj, why do you always have to bring up politics at Thanksgiving?

An earlier outline made Fr’Nj more stereotypically “the nice one” and gave Fr’Nj’s argumentative lines here to a second, grumpy druid named Astr’x with unreciprocated designs on Fr’Nj. He added little, in the end, that a more well-rounded Fr’Nj couldn’t do as well herself, and Timmi was the only conversational partner she needed. The parallels between the ‘Nj sisters’ love lives would soon be strong enough as it was: we didn’t need to give Fr’Nj a Gr’Zl of her own, too.

(Also, while all the goofy wood-elf names owe a little something to the comics series Asterix, calling one of them “Astr’x” would be extra confusing if he didn’t resemble Asterix, and he wouldn’t. Asterix is a warrior who’s pals with a druid, not a druid himself, and he’s generally pretty easygoing. Maybe Astr’x was meant to be like an asterisk that leads to elaborations on Fr’Nj’s simple statements? Or maybe the image of an asterisk was a metaphor for his prickliness, since an asterisk looks kind of like a cockle-burr? Coulda been both, I guess, but ugh.)