The script for this page mentioned “dark ritual props,” but it did not specifically mention a mobile of voodoo dolls, dreamcatchers, and/or a monkey’s paw (which has various roots in pop culture all stemming from the short story “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs). That was all John. (There may be other specific references here that I’m missing.)

Carol’s once-strong people skills are starting to succumb to the pressure she’s under, and she’s only just gotten done venting some of it down onto her subordinate. And whom does HR have to vent his pressure down onto?

This can’t possibly have been intentional, but it is interesting: if you want to push Fans Shanna’s buttons, the best way to do it is imply she’s crazy or just mentally unsound. As a version of her joins the cast, one of her biggest issues manifests itself in another character. Granted, HR is already looking more unbalanced than she did on her worst day.