So the question becomes, if we didn’t do sex very often, why did we feel the pull to do it here?

Partly to try something new for the series, but more, I think, to firmly distinguish this relationship from Byr’Nj, whose sex lives are, again, healthy but a little more comfortable than passionate. These two feel younger and more physical as individuals, so it stands to reason they’d be more primal together.

There was also a little extra incentive to put up something eyebrow-raising because it was around here that we bumped up our schedule to five times a week, trying to raise our comic’s overall stickiness and profile during our seemingly endless ramp up to the Kickstarter.

And maybe I was also a bit motivated to show (ahem) certain writing partners that I could handle this. Phil and I are ten years apart in age and I’m a lot more genteel and self-conscious than he is, so it could be hard for him to parse me as a sexual being, let alone one capable of writing love scenes. Hopefully we did all right.

(Illustration artist unknown.)