Of course, while these two are damn compatible lovers, there’s more going on here than just a good time in the sack. We’re also playing the getting-to-know-you game that decides the difference between passionate flings and ongoing life partners. Scipio knows a lot of who Fr’Nj is thanks to “how they met,” but now it’s time for Silent Cal to open up.

Before we had even figured out Fr’Nj, Phil emailed me this: We haven’t developed Scipio’s backstory much of anything at all. Someone in the comments picked up on the historical reference of his name and wanted to know if we’ll see Roman Fighting.

It occurred to me that Scipio strikes me as the type of fellow who was once a gladiator that then became freed and turned to mercenary work. Maybe he was instrumental to the liberation of his people. Maybe this is something he and Frigg can bond over, in their weird co-antagonistic way.

Do you dig on that?

More about his path from warrior to ruler tomorrow.