Miyamoto would probably have laughed at Embraisch’Nj’s jokes if he’d heard them outside the Hall of Houses, and Pardo is a super nice guy who never does anyone harm if he can help it. But pretty much every human Head of House except Annunziata knew this vote was coming. It’s not like the Admiral had made himself essential before this.

Nice of him to spell out for us why he got his seat in the first place, but all of Iwatani’s arguments were based on his present actions, and he responds by pointing to the navy’s past ones. Not that this is a debate, but even if it were, he’d still be losing.

For those who can’t see the label in panel 3, it’s a “Potion of Somnolence,” which Syr’Nj has tested on Frigg and Byron now and again. But it works out better for Syr’Nj that someone Annunziata didn’t target is the one to take him out. Better optics.