There would be a certain grim balance if we dragged Embraisch’Nj offstage along with Annunziata to do some time in less comfortable accommodations than the Admiral’s. But that would not be even slightly in character for Syr’Nj. Her sense of justice would never permit her to throw him to the wolves, regardless of how stung she was by his delivery. And she may also need to assert a little control over this situation now, because of how stung she was by his delivery.

And yet, we won’t be seeing him again after this, nor should we. We’ve said all there is to say with him, and despite Syr’Nj’s implication that he’s getting a second chance, not everyone should get a redemption arc. Some stories are about things lost that can never be recovered.

I’m not saying it’s entirely just that this should be so. As Byron once pointed out, Syr’Nj will never truly experience the lack of other options that guided Embraisch’Nj to approach his craft the way he did. It’s not like comedy is an easy gig in any society, and you have to know your audience. But even when the options are few, the choices have consequences.