It’s easy for me to forget that Blair even has powers, though it’s clear in panel 1 that she does. It’d be a pretty special non-powered individual who could take a direct hit from Frigg and avoid a second swing. She uses them, but she rarely leads with them, which is part of what sets her apart from the others.

So, yeah, the holy trinity here were prepared to wait and see whether Rachel would rejoin them, but they had already made up their minds that Frigg had to go. Objectively, it’s pretty unimaginable that Rachel would have anything to do with the murderers of her icon. But since Hestia and Blair once worshipped Frigg as much as Rachel did, it’s not surprising they’d see that as a phase to outgrow, one Rachel might outgrow too, with time. And, you know, persuasion. If necessary.

Hestia does score a rhetorical point at the end here, putting her finger on a problem that Tamara dimly detected when they fought. The ability to focus the power comes from moral conviction, belief that one is doing what is right. The other sisters aren’t completely free of doubt, except maybe Blair, but they’re a lot less plagued by it than Rachel currently is.