Even Rachel can’t quite miss how shifty the sisters have been acting by now, but she’s not trying to entrap them in panels 2-3. She wants them to be innocent. She wants to prove their innocence beyond any doubt. Too bad.

Maybe Blair used to be sweeter or more idealistic, but the way she is these days, I doubt she minds mercenary work too much. Bringing that up is just a way for Hestia to grasp for sympathy.

We never nailed down what injustice it was that Tamara saw, but according to my unofficial, drafted notes, it was something to do with Cultism. Since Cultism is an informal contest to create the greatest abomination to life and is especially fond of victimizing children, you can probably imagine how that’d go.

Hestia seems to hesitate when it comes time to mention her own hardships (“And–“), as if she still has difficulty doing so. Blair, sensing this, picks this moment to interrupt. But she’s first to realize what’s becoming increasingly clear: this conversation is not going to be resolved without violence.