Jesus didn’t do any writing himself; his teachings were entirely oral. It was only some time after his death that the oral tradition cohered into the writings of the New Testament.

Having seen way too many ancient texts taken out of context to try to justify modern unkindness, I quite like Rachel’s thought about updatable Gospels. There are certainly a lot of thorny questions surrounding that idea, starting with who’s doing the updating, but it beats hell out of having your sexuality governed by survival tips for desert nomads.

Phil wanted to be sure we didn’t get E-Merl and Rachel “back together” here, just yet. Scipio’s talk was meant to shame her into facing her issues with herself, but shaming someone who’s said “no” to a relationship into a “yes” is not a good look. Also, E-Merl has been a much better comrade (fighting courageously, protecting her from Hestia’s immolation) than would-be boyfriend (avoidance, stalking) to her lately. And yet, the primary obstacle to their relationship has been removed. So she drops this little hint, he hesitantly picks up on it, and we leave that fire gently stoked.