So let’s let the comments from last time around break down the action here:

CapnRis: Frigg did not flip the table on E-Merl. Everyone was at the table on the far right, and E-Merl standing to Gravy and Frigg’s right (left of them from our perspective). He ended up under the middle table – mostly due to Frigg throwing him into the table, landing with enough force to turn the table over on him. Would also explain how the oil lamp got tossed so far.

E-Merl probably got hit first, giving Bandit the cue to bolt. Byron was the next closest, so he got the bird, and since at that point everyone but Gravy was out of mace range, she starts hurling food, beaning Scipio with two bowls of soup in the process (excellent aim!) and one against the wall.

John Waltrip: Excellent deduction, CapnRis. You’d make a fine detective.