Okay, I’m sorry. I know John tried his best with the instructions we gave, but I don’t think anybody failed to guess the punchline we were trying to hide until the next page. When you have your only two important characters suddenly facing away from us or with only their eyes visible, people notice.

Maybe we should have just viewed them from a distance and abstracted their faces a bit, the way Byron and the others’ faces are abstracted in panel 2. That’s a little more of a specific stylistic tic of John and Jason’s, and it might’ve fooled a few more of you.

Had to think Frigg’s claim in her last balloon over a bit. Of those present and seated, only Byron was one of the three whom Gravedust resurrected. But Bandit owes him for rescuing her from Auraugu at B’ial Vezk, and what he did a little later for E-Merl, Syr’Nj and Faereksch’Nj might count, too.