Aw, man, Carol, you were doing so well in pages 5-6, but panel 1 here, geez. You don’t stop someone like Shanna by tempting her with goodies. She’ll blow through that bullshit like it’s not even there.

I mean, I guess it was worth a try; journalism is wildly underpaid and Shanna has a mother to support. But this shows the limits of googling somebody and deciding you know them based on a bit of reading.

You might think telling Carol how she knows she’s lying is a tactical blunder on Shanna’s part, like telling your enemy that their fortress has a broken door when you’re just starting to bring your armies in. But Carol won’t be able to correct for that flaw long-term; she won’t be able to help herself. So all Shanna’s done is make her more nervous, which will probably make her more transparent, not less.