This gets me wondering about Frigg’s first sexual experience. I’m pretty sure this isn’t it. We know that she was sent to the nuns by her parents, so she must have been living under some technical supervision or other until she excommunicated herself. However, while the nuns might have very briefly been able to keep her from getting any action, I can’t imagine her parents would be, if she was at enough liberty to be painting graffiti on the walls.

Nor do I imagine her first time was much more timid than her tenth. “What’s to figure out? Wand goes in hole.” But maybe I’m mistaken. Maybe she had some early crush that made her act in ways we wouldn’t recognize now, an early part of her history that now would just make her roll her eyes in embarrassment.

Kind of like Best will be to Syr’Nj. RIP Syr’Nj’s crush on Best, Chapter 3, Page 7-Chapter 3, Page 23.