Not sure it’s entirely clear that Syr’Nj is doing the “stop, drop, and roll” in panel 3. Her quick thinking saves her life, there, but she’s still burned sufficiently that she’s done being a relevant factor in this fight.

Penk’s soliloquy in panels 5 and 6 is one of my bits. Along with “smaller than I imagined,” it shows he’s getting a crash course in the difference between reality and mythology. But he’s got more to learn before this battle’s over.

I probably expend more thought than necessary on questions like “do I include Auraugu and Frigg in the tags here, even though they’re out of frame, since they’re part of this general melee?” But if the camera’s completely forgotten about them to the point that they’re not even off-panel voices or light sources, then so should the tags, I think. They’ll be back next page.