Remember when it looked like the biggest source of conflict between Frigg and Byron was going to be that he loved puns and she hated them? I’m not sure I’d even dignify “stand your ground?” with the name “pun,” because the phrase isn’t really twisted out of its usual meaning. And it’s also… kiiiiinda dickish, under the circumstances? “Get it? Because the ground is full of lava, and also you can’t stand up!”

Then again, Frigg would be snappish about her infirmity no matter how he put it, so maybe he’s better off teasing her the way she’d certainly tease him if their roles were reversed.

Magda’s not afraid to inform her commander she thinks things are going off the rails. That self-assertion in the face of authority will serve her well later.

I guess Hammerhead’s healing, while not quite troll-level, is still a lot faster than yours, mine, and most species unaided by healing spells or potions. Or maybe he grabbed a potion or four on his way back in.