I’ve already discussed why I’m not a fan of like 98% of interrogation scenes in media, and Lectrus’s lamp, however imperfect a fact-finding method it’ll prove to be, at least makes me feel like we weren’t reinforcing any bad ideas in the discourse. Scipio only gets tough when he knows, absolutely knows, this is a murderer or accessory to murder. No “playing a hunch” here, at least.

Again we prove Gravedust’s thesis that just because Cultism is about destroying it all, that doesn’t mean every individual Cultist is completely committed to all aspects of that cause. We could’ve gotten a true radical here, but the business in panels 2 through 4 is much funnier.

This will be the last time we see Lectrus alive, although there will be several further echoes of his story. In Chapter 36, Scipio and E-Merl will realize that nobody ever thought to question the questioner; in Chapter 41, it will be revealed that he is no longer among the living; and in Chapter 50, his personal effects will reappear in another’s hands.