This ritual seems pretty, um, redundant? Like, I don’t think Byron was not going to invade Lumberton if they didn’t throw some dead animals into a circle. Even one of the Cultists admits this on the next page. But I guess sometimes it’s just about getting to feel like you participated.

I’m amused to look over the script and see the stage directions for the last frame break the speakers into “CULTIST WHO IS STABBED” and “A CULTIST WHO IS NOT STABBED.”

Choice comment, from biggmac:

FAQ’s: (1) I cannot call carrier to cull.
A: Consider combinations containing cats, caimans, capybaras, cottonmouths or crows.
-or- contact cultist call center
(2) Crimson commando is ckilling comrades.
A: Contort to ckiss yer coochie “ciao”