My notes to Flo on the rest of Pardo’s speech:

Okay, here’s where things get interesting. The “points system” feels like more fatuous self-congratulation from the Heads of Houses, like Congress voting itself a pay raise, only not even about money but about empty, time-wasting praise. (You can see why my mind went to the Oscars.)

Buuuuuut… this actually represents the groundwork to exclude Heads who are not pulling their weight in a smoother, more efficient manner, setting up the consolidation that’s coming and working off the Annunziata precedent as well. Yet it should SOUND so much like empty bloviation that I think even Syr’Nj, especially in her current state of distraction, can be excused from missing the sinister implications. Dominos, dominos, setting up the dominos…

Ardaic in panel four: Mansplain mansplain mansplain mansplai–oh, right, outranked

Ardaic in the last panel, only without any inhibitions: Gaw DAYUMN she is SO SEXAY rn my sexual orientation is COMPETENCE I gotta get Jarvis to invite her to his secret Altruist cabal like STAT