Notes from Flo to John: OK, man, this is it. We’re ratcheting up the “brutalitometer” to 10, here. In a few pages… it will be 11.

Also, from one panel description: Byron…. kills and berserkerfies someone the audience likes (only people off-limits are main characters and Isidro). That should tell you as much as anything about the meat grinder this chapter was in our minds, but I don’t think I recognize any of the people he slices through here. One looks like he might be Colonnus, but he can’t be, because of a scene in three more pages. I think most named characters’ deaths are covered in other panels, but there’s one who wasn’t: we could’ve fit Pyre in here and set Byron’s body on fire once more, for old time’s sake. Wouldn’t have changed anything.

Good on Bandit, relying on stealth while everyone else is trying to outfight the unoutfightable. If her military intelligence had been up to date, this would’ve worked.

(New alt text, similar in spirit to a comment by Alice Macher.)