And if Bandit’s military intelligence were up to date, this would’ve worked. Channeling all her fear into energy, she outflanks Byron again and again, winning by speed and guile what can’t be won by strength, almost cutting him into fourths…

And unquestionably makes things worse, in what the script describes as “an explosion of fuck.”

From the comments (biggmac, Lexible, CredulaPostero, TJCROW, l33tninja, Titlebreaker)…

Now, let me tell,you a story about a gal named Pandora 
A sly little gnome, who we all adore-a
Well one day she was stabbin’ a berserker
When out of his back popped a buncha flamin’ jerkers (demons, that is)
And now it wasn’t looking great for her
As the demons within begin to stir
They were flowin’ and flyin’ like ’lectri-ci-ty
And the sight of the carnage made everybody pee (in fear, that is)